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Potential Mailbox Dwellers - 2/25/2024

Download the Excel file below for the potential mailbox dwellers (those who claim to reside inside a mailbox) from the 2/25/2024 voter registration list in NC. The file contains 897 registration records ("voters"). The number of potential mailbox dwellers on 9/2/2023 was 850.

CRMA stands for Commercia Mail Receiving Agency. The website of the CRMA is provided.

This file also provides information received from the NCSBE as to whether or not the registrants' SSN-4 or Driver's License # (DL#) is on the database. For those marked "unknown", it's because the last time we received this public records request was on 8/28/2023. So any registration dated after 8/28/2023 - we don't know whether that "voter" provided their SSN-4 and/or Driver's License #.

Since the NCSBE is required to verify the information provided on the registration application with that of the DMV or SSA, it's not known how the DMV or SSA would have a maildrop location since the DMV and SSA require someone's residential address.

Voters in 47 counties claim to live inside a mailbox. Mecklenburg, New Hanover, Durham and Lee have the most. The address in Lee County is a virtual mailbox - Traveling Mailbox, a business run out of a 3 bedroom home. Virtual Mailbox - U.S. Virtual Addresses | Traveling Mailbox

You'll see pivot tables providing summary data on separate worksheets.

Mailbox Dwellers - 2.25.2024 statewide
Download XLSX • 196KB

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