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We are Patriots

In Passionate Pursuit of TRUTH + FREEDOM

North Carolina Audit Force is a Non-Partisan, Grassroots organization.


Our PURPOSE is Simple:

Together, we CAN ACE this! Awaken Citizens.  Connect Communities.  Effect Change.

Pick a TEAM



  • Canvass Trainers

  • Canvassers

  • Notaries

Connect with Patriots in your

LOCAL Community to Pursue Truth.



  • Event Planners

  • Hosts (Venue, Food, Lodging)

  • Security

Connect with LOCAL Patriots + Grassroots Organizations in OTHER Communities to Educate, Awaken and Call to Action.



  • Callers + Writers

  • 'Welcome' Ambassadors

  • Admins + Moderators

Use your Voice, Writing and Social Media Skills to effect positive change and hold Public Servants accountable to We The People.


We got it! Thanks.

 NEWS and Information

We form Community Groups and Partner with Grassroots Patriot Organizations, training fellow citizens to properly and legally Canvass. Together, we reveal election irregularities.


Pursue TRUTH

We hold Public Servants accountable to uphold the Constitution through persistent communication, Town Hall Meetings, and Peaceful Protests.  We coordinate and participate in educational events to awaken and empower We The People.





We recruit fellow Patriots to replace corrupt or ineffective politicians, promote single-day/paper-ballot/hand-counted voting, and support the Freedom and Will of The People.

We The People in each state MUST DEMAND:
ONE Election Day  
Voter ID
Hand-Counted Paper Ballots
NO Machines
Smaller Precincts

North Carolina Audit Force is a nonpartisan, grassroots group whose mission is to pursue truth, restore integrity, and abolish tyranny.


Our canvassing goal is simple:  Use publicly available data – change of address, voting history, voter registration date, voter age, and/or voter status – to verify it coincides with the truth the registered voters choose to provide.   We simply compare.

We are citizen volunteer canvassers and clearly state that when we canvass.  In fact, many of us are your neighbors.  Come join us!


Our canvassing efforts are compliant with the law and emanate from the tenets of the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution, and the North Carolina Constitution.

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